When you share a link with your team on Slack using the slash command /ppb [your link] it enables Paperbot's additional functionalities such as upvote, read later, delete link or ignore domain.

Hit the 👏  upvote button, to commend a content. It will tell Paperbot this content is relevant when the bot builds the Top List.

Hit the ⭐️ read later button, to save this content to a list for further reading.

To see the full list of links saved, send a direct message to Paperbot saying list

Once you finish reading, click the ✅  done button to remove the content from the list.

Note that you may need to update the authorizations to Paperbot on Slack in order to enable slash commands. To do it: 

Go ahead and give it a try! Drop us a line if any questions come up ;)

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