Slash commands have arrived on Paperbot! We have three commands that act as shortcuts you can type into the message input box to perform an action. Just type /ppb to see a full list of slash commands.

Type any command followed by help, like /ppb help to get a description of what that command does and how to use it.

/ppb [your link]  - shares a link with Paperbot's additional functionalities such as upvote, read later, delete link or ignore domain. Example: /ppb 

/ppb-search alows you to search on #channels, @people and even use operators. Learn more. Your team will not be disturbed, since the search will appear just for you.

/ppb-top lists top 3 items for this channel based on the number of views and upvotes. The top list will appear just for you.

You may need to update the authorizations to Paperbot on Slack in order to enable slash commands.

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