Paperbot collects and saves the public URLs shared on Slack channels where the bot is present (meaning you need to invite the bot to the channels for it to be able to access the content). 

These links are captured by an encrypted connection we have with Slack and safely stored in our database and they are only accessible to people inside the organization. 

There are 3 ways people from your team can access the content: by receiving our email digest, by accessing and by using our mobile apps. All our connections to your team are protected by SSL so they are encrypted end to end. 

You can safely remove some links from Paperbot by using the ignore functionality which tells us to never crawl links from specific domains.

You can ask the bot to ignore hosts at any time. The URL data (links and number of clicks) might be used anonymously and aggregated in order to help us identify the most popular URLs that can be then suggested to teams with similar profiles. 

Your company's information remains completely private, including your team's name, emails and content of conversations.  Paperbot does not record your team's conversations. We only collect public links mentioned in those conversations. 

To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy page.

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