Tags are a helpful way to organize contents captured by Paperbot. They are used to index keywords or topics and this allows people to easily find topics of their interests. Tags are searchable, what makes them a useful tool to explore content.

On the web app, you can browse through an index of all tags in use within your contents accessing the Tags area. This is a great way to discover new contents.

Adding Tags

When you share a link on a channel where Paperbot is added, it automatically saves and tags the content with the #channel-name tag. To add a different tag, simply type #new-tag after the URL and it will automatically associate the link with the new tag.

It also works with the slash command /ppb: /ppb [your link] #taga #tagb #tagc  

Editing tags on Paperbot Web

You can edit your tags from the web app (web.paperbot.ai) either from the team feed or the recommended tab. Just expand the content options by clicking the sign and select Edit tags.

Or, you can access the Edit tags option from the bottom of your content page.

Then, you can pick a new tag from the popular tags list and/or add a new tag by typing it in the tag field.

You also can delete a misplaced tag by clicking the x sign next to it.
Confirm your editions hitting the Done button.

Pretty simple, right? Give it a try and let us know how that worked for you :)

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