More and more teams all over the world use Slack to become better aligned and share what they are working on. Given its ubiquity and ease of use, we end up sharing everything on Slack, including links to good stuff we find on the web. 

Teams share hundreds of thousands of links on Paperbot every month and many of these links end up accessed by a very small number of people. Not everybody can follow all conversations all the time. 

And these links are quite good. They are the jewels that we find browsing online and we want to share it with our peeps. We don't want it to go to waste.

That's why we built Paperbot.

It's a simple service, actually. It's a free Slack bot that you can add to all your channels. It will silently read, collect and organize all the open web links shared by your team and deliver them whenever needed. 

People can browse this content through the following media:

  • An email digest - people can send the command 'optin' to signup and receive a daily newsletter with everything that was shared
  • A web interface - all links organized and searchable
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS - all links organized, searchable, plus notifications.
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