How does the Paperbot email digest work? 

Paperbot will send a daily or weekly digest email to members of your team that explicitly request those emails by opting into the service. Each person will receive a customized email that will include content from the channels they have joined.

So, if your team is not receiving the digest emails, here is what you can try:

  • Make sure the bot is included on all channels where good links are shared
  • Make sure Paperbot is properly collecting those links by going to - you should see all the links there
  • Make sure your team has opted into the service. Ask them to start a private conversation with the bot and send them the message "optin"
  • Emails are delivered 8pm local time to each user and will include all links from day or the week

If you are still having issues resolving this, please contact us through the help icon on the bottom-right.

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